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Coronavirus/Covid-19 - new operating conditions w.e.f. 21st March 2020

Based on measures and controls stipulated by the Government during w/c 16th March, all schools operations, across the whole of the UK, have changed, with effect from 21st March 2020. Our operations, like all other schools, are now restricted to support the children of:

  1. Key Workers ( and,
  2. Vulnerable Children (Vulnerable children include those who have a social worker and those with education, health and care (EHC) plans. Children who have a social worker include children in need, children who have a child protection plan and those who are looked after by the local authority.)


With a changed mix of staffing during these times, our hours have been slightly modified due to this - our new hours during this period are 08:45-15:30 (normal hours are 08:30-1530)


We hope that all manage to cope and keep well during this difficult, unsettling and unpredictable time.. We are very happy can continue to support some of our parents, allowing them to continue the great work they are doing and being asked of them


We are also thankful to our great team during these times



Julie Stephens

Head Teacher

(21st March 2020)