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We share some of the testimonials kindly contributed by some of the children's parents who are currently attending, or have attended Tiggywinkles Pre-School, or have been in learning environments led by members of our experienced team

My daughter attends Tiggywinkles and we have been there for a couple of months now. The preschool is fantastic and I could not recommend it more. I have never been to a teaching environment that has such a warm family feel. Julie and her team are the most caring group of teachers I could wish for and they really do put such an effort in to every day my daughter attends. She has come on so much with her speech and development in such a short space of time and really cannot thank Julie, Olivia and the rest of the team enough.

Mrs Bezzant [2023]

Tiggywinkles is a special Pre School. The teachers are all nurturing, encouraging and positive. The children are kind to one another. The communication to parents is fantastic. The variety of activities on offer is amazing. The food is nutritious and Julie has gone out of her way to cater for our daughter’s allergies- thank you. Our daughter loves to learn at Tiggywinkles and she is extremely happy. We could not ask for anything more. 

a Parent [2023]

Tiggywinkles is a home away from home - a school that our son Peter has fallen in love with and more so, a community of incredibly passionate, friendly and loving teachers. 

Tiggywinkles has become a place where Peter continually asks for and wants to return to, be it 5pm on a Friday “Straight after school”, or over the weekend.

The team of lovely teachers are clearly a passionate and well-synced team who have created the most beautiful setting for a child to play, learn and grow.

Tiggywinkles has gone above and beyond all expectations and is truly a testimony to how little minds should be nurtured.

The moments of joy in Peter's day have been brought home after school - from paintings, to crafts, stories and songs. These have created the most cherished childhood memories for Peter and us. and we will hold on to them forever.

Thank you for nurturing and holding Peter so close to you all. We can certainly say that Tiggywinkles was a blessing to Peter and that if we were One Thousand miles away, we would choose Tiggywinkles over and over again. 

Anthony and Jessica [2023]


Tiggywinkles is a wonderful, happy pre-school with a loving team of teachers and kind children. We’ve seen our son grow and develop and build many new friendships during his first year at the school. It’s a positive environment where so much imagination and activity takes place and we are so grateful to the school for everything they offer. Despite being nervous to begin with, it didn’t take long for our son to settle in and now he is always enthusiastic to attend and really enjoys all the fun activities - particularly Fit Kidz with Coach Patrick. It’s clear that each and every child is special and appreciated at the school. The children are nurtured in their own right and treated very much as a big part of the Tiggywinkles family where they can thrive in their own unique way. A big big thank you to Ms Julie and all the lovely team at Tiggywinkles. We are very much looking forward to the year ahead.

Polly [2023]

Amazing, awesome, fantastic, incredible, caring, professional...for Tiggywinkles the list of positives is endless!

We cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the setting, care and education that Miss Julie and all the staff have provided our daughter. It has been an absolute joy to watch her develop, learn and grow during her time at Tiggywinkles, carefully supported and guided through a fun, creative, diverse and structured curriculum adapted to each child's individuality.

We are very sad be leaving Tiggywinkles, but do so with enormous gratitude for all that they have done for the first years of our little girl's development. As such, she will embark on her first years at 'big school' prepared both educationally and socially.

Lauren & Mark Silvey [2023]

Tiggywinkles is a very welcoming, happy and nurturing pre-school. They have a brilliant and varied range of activities which engages our daughter and she loves going there. We looked at lots of nurseries and pre-schools in the area - Tiggywinkles was hands down the best we found and we are very happy with our choice

Charlotte [2023]

The biggest smiles and warmhearted welcome greeted our 2 daughters over 4 years – without fail. They felt happy, excited and confident walking into nursery. Miss Julie and her Team really know every child so well, they are so genuinely passionate and attentive to the needs of every child, that we knew if there was the slightest, they would spot it.

Both girls simply flourished in Tiggywinkles. A calm and homely atmosphere, varied schedule and interesting curriculum, meant they came home energized and full of stories to tell. Miss Julie goes to great lengths to carry out science experiments, exciting walks in the meadow, physical exercise, singing and lovely baking activities.

We feel so lucky to have found Tiggywinkles. It has been such stable and positive fixture in their young lives, it has sparked their curiosity and brilliantly prepared them for their next school.

We thank Miss Julie and her Team from the bottom of our hearts for caring so wonderfully and teaching our 2 girls.

a Parent [2022]

Sebastian had just turned 3 when he started Tiggywinkles, before this he had only ever been cared for by myself and less frequently my partner - his Dad. This has resulted in me feeling quite anxious about such a big step, but having viewed Tiggywinkles one evening I knew instantly it was the right preschool for him. Julie sensed I was worried and took every step to ensure a very smooth transition. Sebastian has never been upset about going in, he instantly loved it and talks about his teachers and friends all of the time. The environment there is nurturing, happy and wholesome and he has thrived with this approach. We are so very sad to say goodbye to everyone at Tiggywinkles as we will miss them all so much. It really is like one big family. But we feel so lucky that we’ve had this start and are eternally grateful to the support and kindness shown to us at such an important time in our lives. Thank you Julie and Andrew for setting up such a wonderful preschool.

a Parent [2022]

From the second we viewed Tiggywinkles we just knew it was the perfect fit. The staff are absolutely second to none and genuinely love each child in their care. The grounds are beautiful and the activities available for the children are wide-ranging and engaging.

Jude has absolutely thrived since being here. We went into lockdown shortly after his first birthday so he, as with many others, have missed out on vital socialising. I feel like Tiggywinkles has totally made up for that. His speech has come along in bounds, he is full of confidence and looks forward to putting on his uniform and going each week.

Julie and her amazing team are so much more than a preschool, it really is a family. They've supported us through various stresses and we know the door is always open. I can not recommend or thank them enough for everything they do for me and my family. 

Jade Dimelow [2022]

Having visited several pre-schools in the area, we decided that Tiggywinkles was the perfect fit for our daughter. A year down the line and we are delighted. We made the right decision, without a shadow of a doubt! Miss Julie and the team manage to create an inspiring and stimulating environment where the children can thrive. My husband and I are blown away by the creative and fun activities Miss Julie and the team manage to do on a daily basis! Tiggywinkles has a very nurturing and friendly atmosphere. Our daughter has grown in confidence and ability and has made some great friends. She doesn’t look back at drop off and always has a smile on her face at pick up…a testament that Tiggywinkles is a happy place to be! 

Mrs Williams [2021]

Tiggywinkles nursery has offered outstanding care for my son and I could not recommend them highly enough. The environment is always incredibly nurturing and vibrant which has helped my son become much more confident and curious. As a parent you are reluctant to leave your child but Tiggywinkles really is like a second home and that's a credit to the lovely, long-standing staff who have such a wonderful relationship with all of the children. Such a special place and simply the best! 

Mrs Sarah-Jane Murphy [2021]

We're absolutely delighted with Tiggywinkles. Our eldest son loved his 2 years there, and the staff were amazing in preparing him for school.

And now our youngest son attends, and is always so happy and excited to see Miss Julie and the wonderful staff. 

All the staff are so welcoming and have created a perfect environment for the children to thrive in, and making us all feel like part of the family. They really get to know the children, making a warm friendly environment to help them learn and grow.

We cannot recommend Tiggywinkles enough.

Mr and Mrs Rabjohns [2021]

Tiggywinkles is without doubt the reason my daughter loves school and literally skips to the front door each day she attends.

Finding the right preschool filled me with utter dread as I knew it would set the foundation for what will no doubt be years of learning - honestly, I could not be happier that Sienna has been lucky enough to be part of the Tiggywinkles family, oh and by the way, that’s what it is, a jolly happy family! Her days have been filled with joy, laughter and learning and she has completely thrived! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Julie and your fabulous team of brilliant teachers!!

Mrs L Dawnay [2021]

I am so impressed with the level of care my child receives at Tiggywinkles. All the staff are welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic and Adrian has built strong bonds with all the adults and the other children. All the activities are well planned and engaging, and it's also lovely to get details of what my son has done that day. You are amazing Tiggywinkles!

Ms Aldonza Abella [2021]

Tiggywinkles is a truly wonderful place to help your child grow, learn and develop. 

Julie and her team work incredibly hard to provide such a warm and welcoming environment where children feel safe, happy and nurtured.

The activities that are planned for the children are stimulating and engaging and these alongside the Montessori based resources make for an excellent experience for the children in their care.

The staff at Tiggywinkles are caring, compassionate and positive and are a true asset to their profession.

We have been nothing but impressed with Tiggywinkles and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to find a place for their child. A true gem. 

parent [2021]

Tiggywinkles is the most wonderful, loving, safe, nurturing and welcoming environment that my little boy is thriving in.


Monty joined in January 2021 having never been left anywhere without his Mum, Dad or Grandparents, so despite being a very happy and confident toddler and having attended numerous classes since a baby- Sensory classes, Gym, Swimming, Music, Drama and Dance classes and playgroups he has always had us with him, so we weren’t sure exactly how he would fair being left on his own for the 1st time, but from his settling in session and him running in and not looking back, he has continued to run in shouting ‘Miss Julie’ into her arms every single day and he absolutely loves it!


I cannot express how kind, patient, experienced and nurturing each and every member of the staff are, led by the truly magnificent Miss Julie, they all go above and beyond to nurture, support and enrich the children’s educational, social and emotional development.


Monty cannot wait to go and he loves it so much we have increased his days.

The detail, time and effort put into the Journals each week is staggering, so informative, full of the best photos and all the fun they are having learning each day.

The effort put into celebrating their Birthdays and all the special events on the Calendar is just glorious.

The extra activity classes included each week are fantastic, Music with lovely Miss Fran, Little Tags PE with wonderful Coach Patrick which Monty adores!

The cooking sessions and Arts and Crafts sessions and all the wonderful ways to engage learning is phenomenal.

I cannot praise Tiggywinkles more highly, its home from home and the most special place.

Monty is very lucky as are we to have him at such a lovely Pre-School and he is thriving each and every day.

Big thanks to Miss Julie and all the lovely staff members and a special big thanks to lovely Miss Sasha who is so amazing with Monty, really looking out for him and guiding him each and every day and thanks to Andrew for keeping all us parents in the loop with School information/Newsletters so efficiently.

Every single member of staff is outstanding.

A unique and truly special place.

Thanks for all you do.

Mrs Kellie Potter [2021]

Hannah is having a wonderful time at Tiggywinkles. She has been coming for 3 weeks now and has already changed so much in this time. Her self confidence has grown, her vocabulary is astounding and she talks about all her teachers and friends on a daily basis. We feel so confident when we drop Hannah, as the staff are so warm and caring and show so much interest in Hannah when she arrives. I never thought I would see Hannah playing Rugby but this is a particular favourite of hers. Thank you for looking after her like she is one of your own.

Mr & Mrs Lindsay [2019]

We couldn’t be luckier to have found Tiggywinkles for our 2 1/2 year old bilingual daughter who started at Tiggywinkles in January 2019.

What we like so much about Tiggywinkles pre-school is that it promotes diversity and as part of that our daughter celebrated her first Chinese New Year which she thoroughly enjoyed.

The lovely Julie and her wonderful team is truly encouraging and caring and 

it’s a joy to see our daughter’s big smile on her face when picking her up after a day full of exciting activities and socialising with all the other lovely children.

Thank you so much for giving her the best learning journey start possible.

Mr and Mrs T. [2019]

Julie has a true passion and love for what she does, which shines through in the happiness of the children who are lucky enough to attend her amazing pre-school. Choosing Tiggywinkles was one of the easiest and best decisions we've made as parents

Mr and Mrs Pattison [2019]

After moving to Bracknell early last year, we were keen to find Elliot a nursery/ preschool in the local area. We had no idea where to start looking, but were luckily given a recommendation to check out Tiggywinkles. We booked a visit and not long after arriving and chatting to Julie and Andrew we knew this was the right place for our son. Julie and Andrew were and are delightful and we are so privileged to have found such an amazing preschool. The team they have are fabulous, they really invest into the children they are working with and this is clear to see from school reports and one to one chats. As parents this totally puts you at ease knowing their sole intention is to help develop and better your child's education/wellbeing amongst teaching them tons of new things too. We are 100 percent pleased with Tiggywinkles and highly recommend this preschool

Mr and Mrs Reeves [2019]

We feel extremely privileged to be sending our very happy son Montgomery to Tiggywinkles, he is so relaxed and cheerful from when he starts his day to when he comes home. We know from visiting Tiggywinkles weekly that this is an excellent pre-school which has a welcoming, loving and nurturing environment. Our son is valued and respected and he is able to thrive and flourish in his friendships and behaviours to become an enthusiastic, independent, lifelong learner.


A big thank you to the truly wonderful team that you all are at Tiggywinkles, and for being so welcoming to our family. It is a pleasure to see all your hard work, dedication and passion in creating the most happy precious memories for Montgomery in a safe, engaging and caring environment that will be part of who he is for the rest of his life.


Mr and Mrs Campbell [2019]

Tiggywinkles was the first preschool we visited and the last! We enrolled Ella, who was two in Jan 2019, and she absolutely loves it! The whole experience has been very positive and from day one I have felt extremely comfortable leaving Ella with Mrs Julie and her brilliant team. Thank you Tiggywinkles for making Ella’s preschool journey such a smooth one!

Mr and Mrs Clark [2019]

We never ever thought we would find a pre-school that we would all love as much as we do. Both children attend together and they absolutely love it....they have learnt so much and have made friends for life!! Julie, Sasha, Ali, Jo, Fran and the team are INCREDIBLE and they care for our children with such love that the children consider them as family. Getting them dressed in the morning on a school day is so easy (it hasn’t ever been before) because they can’t wait to get there! Honestly we can’t believe how lucky we are to have found Tiggywinkles...we’re just so sad they can’t stay there until university!

Mrs Niaz Quatan [2019] 

Tiggywinkles was such an amazing find. Such a lovely and welcoming Preschool, with such a great team. They have taken the time to really get to know my son, and he is always so excited to go and see Mrs Julie, Mrs Sasha and Mrs Ali 😊

Mrs Kate Rabjohns [2019]

We were deeply saddened when the pre-school Rudy was already attending closed down in the Spring term 2018, especially as the one we had moved him from had also closed down earlier at short notice. We were very worried about moving him for a third time as he was still very young and quite sensitive. However, Julie and Andrew were completely engaging and warm right from the offset and couldn’t have been more accommodating. They made sure that the children that came from the previous school had a smooth transition by employing their former teacher for the Summer term (she had another job to go to after that). They held welcome mornings to help ready the children, visited them in the previous school before it officially closed, and included many of the Montessori materials that the children had been used to. On the day Rudy started at Tiggywinkles, he didn’t even look back he was so excited, and he’s been that way ever since. They understand him completely and care for him as we do at home. The school itself is beautiful, clean and well equipped with interesting and considered materials. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly and the children are all very happy. If you are looking for a pre-school, make it Tiggywinkles. We cannot recommend it enough.

Ali and John Elloway [2018]

Nestled amongst the green fields of Winkfield and the village church, you will find the lovely Tiggywinkles, a happy Pre-school, run by Julie and her dedicated team. 
Our daughter, Katherine (4), has made a very smooth transition into this community and was not only nurtured and challenged, but celebrated, as it was evident that the staff all enjoyed being around the children. 
Tiggywinkles offers many options including half day, full day (and if available ad-hoc sessions, by prior arrangement, can be accommodated), varied activities run by specialists like music, French and rugby tots, and very importantly, delicious home made hot lunches!
I would not hesitate to send my child to Tiggywinkles. Thank you Julie and team for giving our daughter the happiest memories of her pre-school years!’

Mrs L - Berkshire [2018]

As both a mother and a child psychologist, I highly recommend Tiggywinkles as a pre-school. My focus when looking for a pre-school for my son and daughter was one which focused on attachment and building my children’s confidence to thrive socially, emotionally and academically. Tiggywinkles is certainly fulfilling that aim and I am so happy to have them! They take a caring and nurturing approach, which I believe is so important at this early age to foster a child’s emotional wellbeing. Alongside this, I have been impressed with how much learning takes place using methods which engages children (as opposed to make them feel stressed). I cannot rate this school highly enough.

Jen Page [2018]

Julie Stephens is the most amazing teacher I could have ever possibly hoped for. My daughter absolutely loves her and still asks when Mrs Stephens can be her teacher again! She makes learning fun and children feel valued, loved and safe. I can highly recommend any parent to entrust their children to Julie's preschool.

Mrs Swanston-Powell [2018]

Daisy blossomed during pre-school and has become a happy confident child. I can’t thank Julie enough for all the things you have done to guide and nurture her through her time at preschool. She loved going everyday!

Jane Borham [2018]