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Government extends Childcare Voucher scheme for a further 6 months

The government has extended the life of the Childcare Voucher scheme, which had been schedule to cease on 6th April 2018. 

The Childcare Vouchers can be used in conjunction with the Universal and Extended Entitlement benefits, but not in conjunction with Tax-Free Childcare


Note: If offered by your Employer, the Childcare Voucher scheme is worth up to £933 a year in tax and National Insurance savings.

Tax-Free Childcare is worth up to £2,000 per child per annum - that's subject to a maximum of £500 every three months. If you have a disabled child, you can receive up to £4,000 per child - that's subject to a maximum of £1,000 every three months.


Please see details in the article connected to the link below

Please also see the link to the Childcare Choices ( page, where you can find detailed information of all schemes currently in force


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